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The Moss Mr Eshton D409

Dalrene Cruz 11F

Netherton Ronaldo G424

Netherton Fleur’s Legacy F390


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Netherton Fabulous Cruz Y300

Netherton Royal Sovreign A072

TLA Northern Samurai

Netherton Lord Jordan F402


The Moss Florian

HF ElTigre28U

HF ElTigre28U

Netherton Kiwi Sam A141

The Moss Florian B284

HF El Tigre 28U

Netherton Mr Brazilian E377

bigedition small

Freedom L642 small



Netherton Big Edition H460

Netherton Freedom L642



herd sires The Moss Mr

the moss mr eshton d409_edited-2

The Moss Mr Eshton D409

Sire: Vermilion Dateline 7078

Dam: DMM Miss Essence 22B

Semen for sale £40 a straw UK and Ireland only


Daughter- Netherton Fleur G413

The Moss Mr Eshton was bought in partnership in February 2007 at Perth for 36,000gns with James Porter of Old Glenort. He has bred exceptionally well for Netherton and Old Glenort with his heifers looking like the best crop of heifers to be bred to date at Netherton. His female offspring are incredibly feminine and his sons have grown into big, fleshy bulls, smashing weight and scanning records at Netherton.

His show season has proved fruitful and he was Aberdeen-Angus champion in 2009 at Balmoral.

His sire, Dateline, is one of America’s top performance bulls and is out of a $100,000 Leachman Right Time daughter. Dateline daughters in the Vermilion herd are truly a sight to behold. His dam equally needs no introduction. Miss essence is one of Canada’s great cows having been Canadian Show female of the year on two occasions. She is the founder of the Missie family at Netherton and bred Netherton Missie A114 who sold for a new female breed record of 30,000gns in Perth in 2007. 

Mr Eshton also sired Balmachie Keystone the 2009 Royal Highland Champion and last year’s National Male champion at Turriff. Eshton’s first crop of calves have sold to a top of 13,000gns and averaged more than £7000. A daughter of his was also reserve female champion at the National Calf Show in 2008.

At six years old The Moss Mr Eshton D409 took the overall male championship at the 2010 Royal Highland Show and also teamed up with Netherton Fleur D334 to take the interbreed pairs competition

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herd sires Dalrene Cruz 11F


Dalrene Cruz 11F

Sire: Dalrene Cruz 7C

Dam: Tiptop of Dalrene 87A

netherton_fleur_Y298 sires page_edited-1

Daughter - Netherton Fleur Y298

Imported from Canada in 1997, Cruz 11F has proved to be an exceptional breeder for Netherton, leaving correct cattle with exceptional muscling ability, suiting the modern requirements for the beef industry. Breedplan figures show that Cruz and his sons dominate the breed for retail beef yield and back fat with Cruz being in the top 10% for both traits as well as the top 5% for growth.

Cruz progeny have won numerous shows and have dominated society sales. Netherton Eastern Cruz who so to Lockerley Hall Farms privately went on to sire the reserve supreme champion at the 2003 Perth sales before selling for 7500gns. His breeding knows no bounds and following his success Netherton have retained a son, Netherton Fabulous Cruz

His female lines are also proving successful. In 1999 Netherton Lady Jane X13(a granddaughter) was reserve female champion at the Royal Highland Show. A daughter from Cruz’s second calf crop, Netherton Flora Y284 was Royal Show supreme champion in 2002 and sold in 2004 for a then record female price of £21,000.

Away from Netherton he has sired an All Ireland champion for Leo McEnroe, a Perth female champion for Messrs Stebbings and a reserve supreme champion for the Jerusalem herd.

Cruz’s carcass qualities means progeny of his are still in great demand by both pedigree and commercial breeders. Sons of his sold to a top of 10,000gns in 2008.

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herd sires Netherton Ronaldo G424


Netherton Ronaldo G424

Sire: Dalrene Cruz 11F

Dam: Netherton Rachel A132


Dam - Netherton Rachel A132

Ronaldo was used as a junior herd sire at Netherton due to him being one of the top performance sons of Cruz, boasting a 400 day weight of 730kg and scanning an incredible EMA of 124 (17.8%).

His dam is one of the herd’s greatest donor cows bred from our top donor cow in New Zealand Rauni W 139, a daughter of the $155,000 Atahua Legacy. Rachel’s line also speaks volumes for the herd, as Rachel A073 was junior female champion at The Royal Show in 2002, while Rachel A070 was dam of the 2006 Perth October reserve champion for Balmachie who later sold for 11,000gns.

Netherton Ronaldo has now been sold privately to Robert Dick, Hardlawbank after two successful seasons at Netherton. Look out for his calves in our winter show team at the calf shows – we really think they are something very special indeed.

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herd sires Netherton Fleur’s Legacy F390


Netherton Fleur’s Legacy F390

Sire: Netherton Royal Sovereign A072

Dam: Netherton Fleur Y298

Semen for sale £40 a straw – eligible for export

netherton_fleur_Y298 sires page_edited-1

Dam - Netherton Fleur Y298

This outstanding son of Netherton Royal Sovereign was the top performance bull at Netherton in 2007 having a 400 day weight of 738kg as well as being the highest EMA and IMF scanned bull. A half share in Legacy was sold when he was a six month old calf to Old Glenort for £15,000 making him the record priced bull calf in the breed.

His dam Netherton Fleur Y298 is equally exceptional having been sold for £21,000 in Perth in 2004.

Legacy’s first calves have been born unassisted to heifers and show the same style and growth as their father, showing some of the best weaning weights at Netherton.

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herd sires Netherton Fabulous Cruz Y300


Netherton Fabulous Cruz Y300

Sire: Dalrene Cruz 11F

Dam: Netherton Frances 02

Netherton_Frances_02 sirespage

Dam - Netherton Frances 02

Fabulous Cruz is the breed’s leading carcass bull for sires with more than 25 progeny, making him the number one bull for RBY, number 3 for EMA and no 4 for rib fat. It is no wonder his sons are highly sought after by our commercial customers for their thickness and natural muscling.

With the breed’s two most influential sires in his pedigree, Dalrene Cruz 11F (sire) and TLA Northern Samurai (grand sire), and his mother being the 1995 undefeated show cow Netherton Frances 02 it is not surprising this bull has excelled himself.   

Fabulous Cruz had a successful show season in 2000 winning several male championships as well as standing reserve champion to his half sister Netherton Lady Jane X13 on many occasions. He also sired the female record holder Netherton Missie A114 who sold in our matron sale for £31,500 to Balmachie. His daughters in our 80th anniversary sale were keenly sought after and sold to a top of 7000gns and averaged over £4500. Sons of Fabulous Cruz have sold to 11,500gns including Oakchurch Dynamite as well as Netherton Kiwi Fab who sold to Barwise for £10,500.

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herd sires Netherton Royal Sovereign A072

Netherton_royal_soveriegn_a072 sire

Netherton Royal Sovereign A072

Sire: TC Stockman 365

Dam: Ranui W 135


Daughter - Netherton Lady Jane C240

Netherton Royal Sovereign is sired by the legendry TC Stockman 365, one of the world’s great sires, siring many high performance show winners in many countries. His dam is our number one donor cow in New Zealand from which we have imported more than 30 embryos from. She is a daugher of the $155,000 Atahua Legacy.

Sovereign’s daughters have been admired by many a Netherton visitor for their growth and udders. Although he was only used for two breeding seasons he has certainly left his stamp on his females. Daughters have sold regularly for more than £5000 including Netherton Lady Jane C240 who ws sold privately in 2008 to Dunira Estates.

But it will be his sons for which Sovereign is remembered for, as they averaged more than £13,000 including Netherton Figo C244 who was supreme champion in 2005 and sold for 30,000gns to Coul and Kincardine making him the highest priced Aberdeen-Angus bull for 40 years.   

He is a full brother to Ranui W Impact who was the National Champion Bull and top price Angus in 1999 when he sold for $45,000.

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herd sires TLA Northern Samurai


TLA Northern Samurai

Sire: KC Shogan K22 80

Dam: Dinter Pride of Terrlene 13P

Netherton_Frances_02 sirespage

Daughter - Netherton Frances 02

Samurai is quite simply one of the breed’s greatest sires over the last 30 years. He was imported from Canada in 1989 after winning the 1987 Edmonton Farmfairn Show, one of Canada’s biggest show for Angus cattle. Since his arrival in the UK, he has consistently sired champions and top price cattle including Royal Show champions in 1992, 1994, 1996 and 1998 as well as Royal Highland champions in 1996, 1997 and 1998 – no other sire has had such dominance in the show ring.

Samurai has also sired two Perth champions including Netherton Fandango in 1992 and Galcantry Predator in 1997, that year Samurai sired all three of the section champions. 

His daughters have also bred consistently well for Netherton and have in turn gone on to breed many more champions and top priced animals. Some of his daughters are still used in our embryo programme.

A Samurai son Netherton Kiwi Sam was retained as stock bull at Netherton and used for two seasons.

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herd sires Netherton Lord Jordan F402


Netherton Lord Jordan F402

Sire: Netherton Kiwi Sam A141

Dam: Netherton Lady Jane C240

Semen for sale


Dam - Netherton Lady Jane C240

This son of Netherton Kiwi Sam has been greatly admired by many at Netherton. His moderate frame has great fleshing ability and breed character and he is out of our top Royal Sovereign daughter Netherton Lady Jane C240 who was sold privately to Dunira Estates. The Lady Jane family originates from Ireland and has bred many stock bulls and show winning females including Lord Jordan’s grand dam Netherton Lady Jane X13 who was Royal Highland Show champion in 2000 and winner of six breed championships that year.

Semen for this bull has been exported to many countries including Australia where he is now an AI sire for John Young and Peter Grieves.

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herd sires Netherton Kiwi Sam A141


Netherton Kiwi Sam A141

Sire: TLA Northern Samurai

Dam: Kim of Fordafourie


Dam - Kim of Fordafourie

Another magnificent son of TLA Northern Samurai, Kiwi Sam is out of the 16,000gns Kim of Fordafourie, who to this date has grossed sales of more than £250,000 worth of progeny.

With this pedigree behind him, Kiwi Sam was retained at Netherton for two breeding season’s before being sold for five figures to Lady Croft. Outside of Netherton, Kim has been breeding well for John Lascelles at Balmachie.

Kiwi Sam himself has bred well siring the 2006 reserve supreme champion at Perth for Balmachie before selling for 11,000gns and the 2007 Perth champion again from Balmachie who sold for 10,000gns.   

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herd sires The Moss Florian B284


The Moss Florian B284

Sire: Etnicol Of The Moss

Dam: Flora Of The Moss


Daughter - Netherton Karama E368

The Moss Florian is one of the unsung heroes at Netherton. He was bought privately from John Moores and used for two breeding seasons before being sold to the Weydale herd where he has only been seen by visitors to the farm, but he has left his mark on the herd.

This easy calving sire out of Flora Of The Moss, is sired by Scotch Cap and has bred a Perth champion for The Moss.

Florian’s daughters are proving themselves to be superb cows with good udders and plenty of milk with their calves having some of the highest weaning weights to date at Netherton. A daughter Netherton Karama E368 was female champion at the national Calf Show in 2006 and daughters have since sold for 4000gns. Another daughter Balmachie Missie was National Show Champion in 2008.

His sons have been greatly sought after due to their heavy weights and thick top lines and have topped at 12,000s for Netherton Peruvian, a first prize winner at Perth in 2007. 

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el tigre

HF ElTigre28U 395px

HF El Tigre 28U

One of the most exciting young bulls in Canada – HF El Tiger is easy calving with a short gestation period, while still having excellent growth rates and carcass attributes – he was one of the biggest yearling bulls on show at the Forum show in Canada

  • Champion senior yearling bull at the world Angus forum show Calgary 2009
  • Champion senior bull calf at Farmfair 2008
  • Top Price animal at the Masterpiece sale Agribition when a half share sold for $82,500


  • Grand Champion Bull at the World Angus Show Calgary 2009
  • Senior Bull Calf Champion Farmfair 2007
  • Supreme Champion Bull "Legends of the Fall" Farmfair 2007
  • Top price bull at the Hamilton’s Bull sale 2007 when he sold for $52,000 for a half share
  • Progeny have won numerous prizes at the World Angus Show


  • High selling bull calf at the Masterpiece Sale 2005 when a half share sold for $45,000
  • Reserve Grand Champion Bull Olds Gold Show 2007
  • Supreme Champion Bull "Legends of the Fall" at Farmfair 2005
  • His first 40 progeny to be sold averaged over $7000


  • From one of the most successful cow families in Canada
  • Grand dam HF Echo 83J Canadian Show Female of the Year 2002

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Sire: HF Kodiak 5R

Dam: HF Echo 84R

Semen for sale

HFTiger5T 200px

Full brother HF Tiger 5T

El Tigre Advert 2011

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Netherton Mr Brazilian E377 title

Netherton Mr. Brazillian E377

Netherton Mr Brazilain E377

Netherton Missie a114

Netherton Missie A114

Sire: The Moss Florian

Dam: Netherton Missie A114

Semen for sale  worldwide

Netherton are pleased to announce  in partnership with John Lascelles of the Balmachie herd, the purchase of Netherton Mr Brazilian E377. This five year-old bull bought from Mr Acton of Housesteads Angus is a proven easy calver who is breeding consistently good calves with plenty of thickness and character. He is a high frame score 6 low 7 bull out of the record price female in the breed Netherton Missie A114 who sold for £31,500. Missie is sired by Netherton Fabulous Cruz, who like his father Dalrene Cruz, dominates the breed for muscle and his dam Netherton Frances O2 was maybe the best ever TLA Northern Samurai daughter ever bred at Netherton who was the undefeated show cow of 1995. Netherton Missie A114’s dam, Netherton Missie Y288, is a TC Stockman 365 daughter who sold for £16,800 who herself is a daughter of the twice Canadian show female of the year DMM Miss Essence 22B who is also the dam of The Moss Mr Eshton D409..

Netherton Missie A114 has been a real good breeder with her daughters producing many of our top animals of which two full sisters of Netherton Mr Brazilian, who were in our donor programme, have been sold this year to The Moss and Saville herds privately and another was overall Champion at the National Show a few years back for Balmachie.

Mr Brazilian’s sire is The Moss Florian who has bred two female National calf champions and his sons have sold to £11,000. He is an easy calving bull whose daughters have perfect udders and loads of milk. More details on The Moss Florian can be found on our sires page.

Mr Brazilain E377 is in Cogent now and world-wide semen is now available for sale.

We are also pleased to announce the sale of a half share of Nethertton Big Edition H460 to Balmachie for an undisclosed fee. Big Edition is a product of our embryo programme and is sired by the world-wide performance sire Hoff Limited Edition and is out of one of Canada's elite performance cows Big Sky Beauty 009. His first crop of calves at Netherton have been admired by many and a daughter of his was 1st prize at the Stars of the Future calf show at Forfar and another was calf champion at Perth Show

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Netherton Big Edition H460

Netherton Mr. Brazillian E377

Netherton Big Edition H460

Netherton Missie a114

Netherton Frances K550

Netherton Mr. Brazillian E377

Big Sky Beauty 009

Sire: Hoff Limited Edition

Dam:Big Sky Beauty 009

Netherton Big Edition H460 was a result of importing embryos from Big Sky Beauty 009 by the top American bull Hoff Limited Edition to establish the Beauty family at Netherton in 2006. In the short time they have been here, they have had a huge influence in the breed. Big Sky Beauty is one of Canada's Elite Performance cows and top donor cow in the Big Sky herd.

Big Edition H460 was Netherton's top performance bull of 2008 and was retained as a stock bull at Netherton where his first crop of calves were very impressive and have been greatly admired by all who have seen them. They include: Netherton Fleur K566, who was calf champion at Perth Show and with her dam won the cow and calf championship at the Winter National Show in 2010 and in 2011 she was supreme champion and reserve interbreed at Drymen Show; Netherton Future Edition J560 who was shown with his dam Netherton Fleur D334 when she was supreme champion at the 2010 Royal Highland Show and first at Drymen Show that year; Netherton Frances K550, who stood first at the Stars of the Future Show in 2010 and in 2011 stood junior female champion, reserve female champion, reserve junior champion and best bred by exhibitor champion at the Royal Highland Show and she was also female, junior and reserve supreme champion at the 2011 National Show and Netherton Black Edition K544, who stood first and reserve male champion at Fife and Perth Shows and then went on to be Intermediate Champion at the Stirling October 2011 sale.

In the 2011, Big Edition was also the sire of the winning group of three at the Royal Highland Show.

His second crop of calves include Netherton Kentucky L596 who was calf champion at Perth Show and Netherton Blackbird L619 who was junior female champion at the Stars of the Future Show at Forfar and reserve supreme champion at the Winter Fair. Two shares have been sold in Netherton Big Edition for undisclosed fees to the Balmachie and Saville herds.


Netherton Mr. Brazillian E377

Netherton have retained one of our top performance bulls as a junior herd sire, Netherton Freedom L642. We feel this bull combines the whole package of phenotype, pedigree and performance and is sired by the top Australian bull Ardrossan Admiral A2 who has sired bulls to 10,000gns for Netherton and this one of the top performance bulls in the country.


Freedom comes from one of our top cow families and has three of our top cows behind him as well as tracing back to Cee Bar Favourite, regarded as one of the most influential cows that the breed has had. His dam Netherton Fleur G413, is the top class daughter of The Moss Mr Eshton D409, who was sold for £25,000 in 2012 to Saville Angus. She was cow champion at the 2010 Winter National Show in Carlisle as well as Supreme Champion at Braco, Perth and Grantown shows that year. She is also the dam of Netherton Fleur K566, who was champion at Drymen Show and first prize at the 2011 Summer National and Netherton Fergie L651 who is now herd sire at Cragg Angus.

Fleur G413 has been a top donor cow at Netherton and embryo's can be found in America, Germany and Luxembourg from her. Her dam, Netherton Fleur D334, was supreme champion at the 2010 Royal Highland Show when a half share was sold for £10,000 and her grand dam, Netherton Fleur Y298, was another previous breed record priced female when she sold for 20,000gns in 2004.

Freedom’s performance figures place him in the top 1% for Self Replacing and Terminal Index with 63 and 49 and EMA, RBY, Fat and Gestation Length, top 5% for 200, 400 ,600 day growth and IMF and top 10% for SS and Calving Ease Daughters.


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